About Woodlands College

Woodlands University College is a college at VUZF University however located in Southern Africa, Lusaka, Zambia in particular. We are a respected international university offering career-relevant, affordable education that fits your life. We intend to bridge Europe to Southern Africa; as such we offer the best quality of European education while fitting our societies. You can earn most degrees entirely online or distance. You won't have to wait for graduation for your degree to start making a difference in your career. At Woodlands, you build your professional value with each class you take... See More

Our Mission

The mission of the Woodlands College is to provide quality education to people of all backgrounds from Zambia and around the world with the ultimate aim of developing their intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities to the fullest so that they can lead a life full of dignity while contributing meaningfully to the socio-economic development of their nation. Therefore the Woodlands College endeavours to:

Fresh from school

Expand the scope and scale of quality higher education available to school leavers;

Professional training

Provide greater access to continuing professional education, skills development and training

Lifelong learning

Provide more opportunities for lifelong learning


Research and Development

Play a leading role in research and development and application of learning technologies for education and training

International Partnerships

Facilitate national, regional and international partnerships and collaborations for the optimal use of resources for open and distance learning;


Provide quality open and distance learning programmes in Zambia and the region in a learner-centred environment using state-of-the-art information and communication technologies.

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10 Professional Certificate Programs
5 Diploma Programs
35+ Bachelor Programs

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